How Do You Make Tea Properly?


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According to famous novelist George Orwell, the perfect cup of tea requires 11 steps. First, use Indian or Ceylonese tea. Make the tea in small quantities, in a pot that is warmed beforehand. The tea should be strong and its leaves placed directly into the pot. The water should be boiling at impact. Pour the tea into the cup before milk and drink the tea out of a good breakfast cup. Absolutely no sugar, says Orwell.

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Depending on personal preferences, one may decide to follow George Orwell's golden rules or one may prefer to prepare tea slightly differently. As a rule of thumb, perfect brewing is achieved by boiling water in a kettle and pouring it over a tea bag, or adding loose tea leaves to the kettle.

Different types of tea require specific boiling points and steeping times for the best taste. Green and white teas are more delicate and taste best at 158 degrees Fahrenheit and steeped for 1-3 minutes. Black and oolong teas should use water at around 185 degrees, steeping for less than a minute, and herbal teas at the highest around 212 degrees with steeping times between 1 and 3 minutes.

Milk and sugar can be added according to taste. It is recommended by tea-makers to add the milk and sugar after the tea is in the cup, but this again depends on personal preference.

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