How Do You Make a Tasty Lobster Bisque?


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Red Lobster features a tasty lobster bisque recipe, and to make this recipe, begin by adding 6 cups water, 2 cups dry white wine and 2 cups fish stock to a large pot. Then, bring the combined mixture to a boil.

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How Do You Make a Tasty Lobster Bisque?
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Add two 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pound live lobsters to the broth with their topsides down. Cook them covered on medium heat for six minutes. Turn the lobsters over with a pair of tongs, and cook them covered for another six minutes.

Remove the lobsters from the broth, putting them aside until cool enough to handle. Remove the meat from their shells, and then dice the meat into ½-inch cubes. Refrigerate the diced meat until needed later. Add the lobster shells back to the broth, and simmer the broth uncovered for 20 minutes.

Use a sieve to strain the broth into a container to store it in a refrigerator, and discard the lobster shells. Heat ½ cup melted salted butter in the large pot on medium heat. After heating the butter, add 1 cup finely diced onions, ½ cup finely diced carrots, ½ cup finely diced celery and 1 teaspoon minced garlic to the pot, and sauté the mixture for three to four minutes.

Add ¼ cup cognac or brandy, and cook the mixture until the alcohol evaporates. Thoroughly mix in ½ cup all-purpose flour. Combine 1-1/2 cups diced tomatoes, 1 teaspoon paprika, ½ teaspoon thyme and ¼ teaspoon ground red pepper with the refrigerated broth, and add it slowly to the butter and vegetable mixture. Cook the combined mixture uncovered for 30 minutes on medium-low heat, stirring frequently.

Remove the bisque from the heat, and puree it in a blender. Add the diced lobster meat and 1 cup heavy cream. Heat the mixture and serve.

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