How Do You Make Stuffed Bell Peppers With Rice in a Slow Cooker?


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Two important considerations in making stuffed bell peppers in a slow cooker are whether to use cooked rice and how long it takes to cook the peppers to the desired texture. Although usually the four- to six-hour cooking time steams raw rice thoroughly, using cooked rice shortens cooking time.

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To begin, prepare the bell peppers. First, cut off and save the tops. Next, scoop out the membranes and seeds. Season the insides with salt and pepper to taste. To make stuffing for the peppers, most recipes call for a mixture of rice, red meat or pork, tomatoes, cheese and oil. Although none of the elements has to be cooked beforehand, cooking the meat and rice infuses the cooking peppers with seasoning more quickly.

Mix and season the stuffing to taste, and then spoon it into the peppers. Place the peppers upright in the slow cooker and cover them with their tops. To keep them from sticking to the bottom of the slow cooker, add liquid or sauce. For firmer peppers, use about quarter of a cup. Because bell peppers are tough, they take a long time to cook. Cooking times vary from 4 hours on high to 6 hours or more hours on low, depending on the tenderness desired. For more tender peppers, add cooking time.

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