How Do You Make a Stinger Cocktail?


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Making a stinger cocktail involves mixing brandy and white creme de menthe. It's possible to use standard green creme de menthe, but this results in a cocktail with a muddy color.

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To make a single stinger cocktail, place crushed or cracked ice in the bottom of an old-fashioned glass. Also called a rocks or lowball glass, an old-fashioned glass is a short tumbler that holds between 6 to 8 ounces of liquid.

Pour 1 3/4 ounces brandy and 3/4 ounces white creme de menthe into the glass. Dunk a cocktail spoon into the cocktail, and twirl the shaft to mix the drink. This is called serving the stinger "on the rocks."

It's also possible to mix the ingredients in a shaker and serve "straight up," or without ice in the glass. For this recipe, pour cracked ice into a cocktail shaker. Pour 2 1/4 ounces brandy and 3/4 ounces white creme de menthe into the shaker. Close the shaker, and shake well. Strain the cocktail into a chilled glass.

To chill a cocktail glass, simply place it in the freezer for two hours before serving the cocktail.

The stinger cocktail is a dessert drink that pairs well with rich chocolate desserts, according to About.com Food. Though the exact origins of the stinger are unknown, the cocktail dates back to at least World War I. According to Esquire, the stinger was popular with pilots in the navy and air force.

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