How Do You Make Spinach Lasagna?


To make spinach lasagna, layer lasagna noodles, marinara sauce, spinach, cheese and other optional ingredients in an oven-safe dish, then bake until the cheese is bubbly. Recipes for variations on the dish are available from Kraft, the Food Network, Forks Over Knives and other sources.

The Kraft company offers a quick and basic spinach lasagna recipe on its website. The recipe utilizes jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen spinach. It calls for cooking the noodles before assembly to reduce baking time. It also recommends using a mixture of egg, parmesan, cottage cheese and mozzarella for the cheese layers.

The Food Network provides a somewhat more complicated recipe using more fresh ingredients. It suggests preparing a marinara sauce from scratch with canned tomatoes, basil, garlic, tomato sauce and onion. The cook layers the sauce with no-cook lasagna noodles, frozen spinach and a mixture of mozzarella, ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano and egg yolks.

Forks Over Knives gives a vegan variation on spinach lasagna, substituting homemade tofu ricotta for the cheese layer. The ricotta uses two types of tofu, soy milk, nutritional yeast and seasonings, and is then drained to approximate the texture of a dairy ricotta. The recipe suggests layering the tofu ricotta with no-cook lasagna noodles, spinach and pasta sauce, then topping it with vegan Parmesan cheese.