How Do You Make Spaghetti Sauce From Scratch?

make-spaghetti-sauce-scratch Credit: julie corsi/CC-BY 2.0

For delicious, scratch spaghetti sauce, organize 10 whole tomatoes, 1 cup basil, 5 garlic cloves and your preferred olive oil. You also need salt to taste and red pepper flakes, if heat is desired. Steam the tomatoes, and then mash and simmer them with the remaining ingredients.

Regarding tomatoes, vine-ripened and beefsteak varieties work well. Wash the tomatoes, removing their cores and the nubs on the end. Place them in a large pot, drizzle with oil and cover over medium heat. After 15 minutes, stir the tomatoes without breaking them, then replace the cover and cook a further 15 minutes. A meat fork may work ideally for this action. When adequately loosened, remove the skins from the tomatoes using the fork and a wooden spoon. Cover, lower the heat to medium-low and stew another hour.

When that hour elapses, continue to simmer while gradually breaking down the tomatoes with a spoon. This process is so gradual that it continues for another five hours. Add minced or sliced garlic clove, remembering that garlic flavor intensifies the finer it is cut. Simmer another hour and check consistency. If the sauce is still too runny for your taste, simply simmer longer. Otherwise, remove it from the heat and add the herbs and salt. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. Also, add red pepper flakes at this point if desired. The spicier version of this preparation is traditionally called arrabiata or angry sauce.