How Do You Make a Snake Cake?

How Do You Make a Snake Cake?

To make a snake cake, begin with two Bundt cakes, slice them into pieces and arrange them into the desired shape. Use frosting to attach the sections into one long piece and to create a pattern on the snake.

  1. Decide which type of snake you wish to create

    Find a picture of the snake you want to create, as this determines the colors of cake and the type of frosting that you make.

  2. Bake two Bundt cakes

    Use two different colors of cake. Chocolate and vanilla cakes provide a nice contrast.

  3. Slice the Bundt cakes into sections, and arrange them in a snake shape

    Cut the cakes into multiple pieces, and then arrange the pieces, alternating cake colors. Set the pieces up on the pan or sheet to create a twisting or wavy shape.

  4. Stick the pieces together with frosting

    Slather the sides of each section of cake with frosting, and gently press it against the adjacent piece. Repeat this process until you have attached all pieces.

  5. Taper the head and tail

    Shave down the head piece and the tail piece to create a tapered look that resembles the shape of a snake's head and tail tip.

  6. Color the frosting, and paint the design in your picture

    Using food coloring, create frosting in each color shown in your picture. Decorate the length of the snake as per the example you chose.

  7. Give the snake eyes and a tongue

    Cut a piece of licorice into a two-pronged shape, and attach it to the head to resemble a tongue. Stick two small, round pieces of candy in the eye positions to complete the face.