How Do You Make Smoked Pork Loin?

make-smoked-pork-loin Credit: RonBailey/iStock/Getty Images

Make a smoked pork loin by liberally seasoning a pork loin to taste, and smoking it over indirect heat until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Create the smoke by using a combination of hot charcoal briquettes and pre-soaked cherry, apple or pecan wood chips.

Season the pork loin with a spice rub the night before you put it on the smoker. Wrap it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate it overnight to allow the flavors of the seasoning to penetrate the meat. Prepare your smoker by dumping charcoal into the coal pan. Place the water pan over the coals, and fill it halfway with water. Add pre-soaked wood chips to the coals. If using a grill, prepare the charcoals as normal, then add the pre-soaked wood chips.

Add the top rack, and lay the pork loin on top. Cover with the lid and smoke for about an hour, keeping the pork loin away from any open flames. Keep creating heavy smoke by adding wood chunks to the coal as necessary throughout the cooking process. Wrap the pork loin in foil, and cook for one and a half more hours. Add marinades, sauces or fruit juices to flavor as desired. Re-wrap in foil, and cook until the pork reaches the desired doneness.