How Do You Make Slime With Cornflour?

To make cornflour, or corn starch, slime, mix cornflour and water in a 2 to 1 ratio. Experiment with holding the slime mix, dipping hands into it and even smacking it to see the different reactions this unique substance produces.

Cornflour is a long-chain polymer that moves slowly against its own molecules. When water is added to the mix, it helps reduce this friction slightly by lubricating the molecules. However, the friction is still present when the cornflour molecules are forced against each other suddenly. Making this slime is a simple process.

  1. Gather materials
  2. Assemble a large bowl, cornflour and water. Pull on a pair of rubber or latex gloves as the slime can be messy.

  3. Mix the slime
  4. Pour two parts of cornflour into the bowl, and then pour the one part water onto the flour. Combine the two ingredients until mixed well. The consistency of the slime can vary slightly from wetter to drier. Add a bit more flour or water to get it to the desired consistency.

  5. Experiment with the slime
  6. Start playing with the slime. Remember that it is still very liquid, so try to keep it in or over the bowl. Notice how the slime hardens whenever struck or pressed against.