How Do You Make Scrapple?

How Do You Make Scrapple?

Make traditional scrapple from stewed pork offal (scraps, head and organ meat) by grinding and stirring it into a mush with cornmeal, wheat flour and spices. Form the mush into soft loaves, then chill, slice and pan fry it. Modern recipes often substitute pork butt or shoulder for offal.

To make the best use of the whole pig, use the whole head in scrapple. To start, put pork meat and bones in a large pot and cover with salted water. Boil the pork until the meat falls off the bone, about two hours, reserving the stock.

While the meat cools, mix cornmeal and wheat flour into a batter, and simmer the mixture in the stock. Keep stirring until the pot comes back to a simmer.

While waiting for the pot to simmer, pick the pork meat off the bones, and then fine grind or mince it. Return the ground meat to the pot, and season with traditional European spices, such as sage, bay leaf, thyme, celery and black pepper. Stir for about 15 minutes.

Pour the scrapple into loaf pans, and refrigerate until the loaves are solid. Package the loaves for freezing, or slice and fry the scrapple until golden brown on both sides.