How Do You Make Sassy Water?


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To make Sassy Water, combine 2 liters of water with 1 teaspoon grated ginger, 1 medium cucumber that has been peeled and finely sliced, 1 thinly sliced medium lemon and 12 spearmint leaves in a large pitcher. Allow the mixture to sit overnight in the refrigerator. If desired, use purified water instead of tap water.

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Fitness enthusiasts tout Sassy Water's benefits as a tool for achieving a flat belly. Invented by nutritionist Cynthia Sassy, the drink reportedly reduces bloating and constipation while improving overall digestion. Sassy water is an essential component of the Flat Belly diet, which involves drinking eight to 10 cups of the beverage for four days while consuming very low-calorie foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that are high in water content. Proponents claim that the detoxification diet can lead to a noticeably flatter stomach in only four days.

Advocates note that Sassy Water contains lemon and cucumber, which provide natural diuretic and cleansing benefits. Ginger, which is another ingredient, calms the digestive tract. The drink also contains no caffeine, calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners; however, critics point out that substituting plain water for carbonated soft drinks and other calorie-containing drinks provides adequate hydration, reduces appetite and improves digestion without the need for added ingredients.

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