How Do You Make a Salt Brine for Chicken?


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One way for a cook to make a salt brine for chicken is to add salt and sugar to boiling water and, once it has cooled, submerge the chicken into the mixture and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Another way is the "dry" brine method, in which the cook rubs salt, sugar and other seasonings directly onto the chicken and then refrigerates it. The cook must rinse the chicken and pat it dry prior to cooking.

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How Do You Make a Salt Brine for Chicken?
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To make a wet brine, thoroughly dissolve 3/4 of a cup each of salt and sugar into boiling water, and then allow it to cool completely. Submerge the chicken in the brine, adding enough cold water to cover the chicken. This method of brining requires a longer time before cooking and works best when the chicken remains in the brine for a day or two.

The wet brine method results in tastier, more juicy chicken, but the process takes between 12 hours and a couple of days. The dry brine method works more quickly, and the chicken is ready to cook as soon as 30 minutes after applying the brine. In addition to the shorter preparation time, dry brine results in crispier skin than the wet brine method, since there is no soaking involved.

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