How Do You Make Rosemary Oil at Home?


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Home made rosemary oil requires a sterilized bottle or jar, an oil appropriate to the finished product's intended purpose and at least 1 cup of rosemary plant material. One can use baby oil or almond oil for cosmetics or olive oil for cooking.

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  1. First, the whole rosemary stems are pushed into the sterilized bottle or jar.
  2. Next, the oil is introduced to the container until full (usually around two cups to every one cup of plant material).
  3. Finally, the container should be capped and placed in a warm spot (either on a hot windowsill or a warm cupboard) for a few days to allow the rosemary to infuse the oil.

The rosemary will turn brown, but it can be replaced with fresh rosemary after the first few days if the scent is not yet strong enough.

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