How Do You Make Ro*Tel Dip With Meat and Cheese?


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To make a Ro*Tel dip with meat and cheese, start by cutting a 1-pound block of Velveeta cheese into small squares. Brown 1/2 pound of ground beef, and drain the liquid. Melt the cheese in a pot over low heat, stir in the Ro*Tel, and stir in the browned meat.

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How Do You Make Ro*Tel Dip With Meat and Cheese?
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Change the taste of the Ro*Tel dip by choosing a different meat, such as ground sausage. After you brown the sausage, pour it onto a plate covered by paper towel to absorb the grease. For a lighter dip, shred cooked chicken or turkey breast, and stir it into the dip.

Several types of Ro*Tel tomatoes are available and suitable for use in this recipe. Use the hot Ro*Tel for extra spice, or go with the mild version for a gentler flavor. You can make a chunkier dip by adding an additional can of Ro*Tel.

To give your dip a thicker texture, add vegetables to the Ro*Tel dip. Cut the vegetables in to 3/4-inch pieces, and steam them. Pour the vegetables onto a towel or a paper towel to remove the excess water, and stir them into the dip before you add the meat.

Double the dip recipe if you are serving a party of more than 10 people.

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