How Do You Make Rhubarb Juice?


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To make rhubarb juice, remove all of the leaves from the rhubarb stalk and wash it, piece the rhubarb, and juice the pieces in a juicer, bit by bit. Using a brush, clear the juicer of rhubarb fibers as needed during the process to ensure that the equipment works effectively.

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How Do You Make Rhubarb Juice?
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Start by gathering a knife, a cutting board, water, rhubarb, a small brush and a juicer. Once the necessary tools and material are in place, prepare the rhubarb by chopping of any poisonous leaves and washing it with clean water. Once clean, take apart the stalks, place them on the cutting board and piece them with the knife. Make sure each piece has a length of about 5 inches.

Pick any two pieces of the rhubarb, put them in the juicer, plug in the juicer, turn it on and juice the pieces. Once the first pieces are completely juiced, add a few more stalks and continue juicing until you complete four stalks. Disconnect the juicer from the power source, and use the brush to clean the juicer blade and filter to remove any sticking fibers. Plug in the juicer again, turn it on and repeat the process until you exhaust the remaining stalks.

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