How Do You Make a Relish Tray?

How Do You Make a Relish Tray?

Arrange pickles, olives and assorted vegetables on a decorative serving tray. Place juicy items, such as pickles and olives, in bowls or in separate sections of a divided tray so the juices don't spread.

Any decorative serving tray works for making a relish tray. The tray should be large enough to hold all of your ingredients. Divided glass trays are often used to keep the items separated.

The specific components of a relish tray vary depending on personal preference or family tradition. The standard ingredients are raw vegetables and pickled items, but you can add nuts, cheese, breadsticks or other finger foods to the relish tray.

Carrots and celery are popular raw vegetables for a relish tray. Radishes add a splash of color to the tray. While not traditional, other options include cherry tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. Arrange the vegetables in piles on the tray.

The pickled food component makes up the other major section of the relish tray. Basic black olives and pimento-stuffed green olives are standard. Many supermarkets offer gourmet olive bars with various marinades and stuffing options. These gourmet olives dress up the relish tray.

Some relish trays include dips or sauces for the other items. Examples include an herb vegetable dip or a cheese dip. Place any dips in small bowls so they don't get on the other ingredients.