How Do You Make a Printable Grocery List?


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Shoppers can create a printable grocery list manually through a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Using dedicated applications, such as GroceryListMaker, is another option that is popular with many shoppers.

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Leaving a piece of paper in a convenient place, such as on the refrigerator, can help an individual to note needed items throughout the week, making composing the grocery list an easier task. Smartphone applications often have pre-set categories of items, making the list making process as simple as clicking a few boxes and clicking print. These applications also allow users to organize the items by category, which in turn saves time in the grocery store as well.

Many individuals will find it beneficial to create a weekly meal plan before creating a grocery list, as this can save both time and money. It prevents a shopper from buying food she will not eat or forgetting to buy something important. Shoppers should take care to include healthy items — such as fruit, vegetables or milk — that might not be used in recipes, but are easily used for healthy snacks. For those looking to save additional money, planning menus around weekly sales can prove advantageous. Some apps allow users to compare weekly prices of individual items, which can streamline this process.

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