How Do You Make Polenta?


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Make polenta by simmering water, ground polenta and desired seasonings. These ingredients made a type of grits that is popular in the United States. To start the polenta, add water, salt and garlic to a pan, and let it simmer. When the water starts to heat up, begin adding the ground polenta a little at a time. When the polenta starts to bubble, turn down the heat.

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For one cup of ground polenta, 5 cups of water is a good amount. When the heat has been turned down, let the polenta simmer for up to an hour, stirring often. Add some water any time the mixture becomes too thick before it is done cooking. After the hour is up, add butter and seasonings to taste. Turn the heat off, and cover the polenta inside the pot with parchment paper.

Make a double boiler with a pot of water on the bottom, ramekin in the middle and the pot of polenta on top. The polenta should remain cooking over indirect heat for a few hours, or until the rest of the meal is done. When it is done cooking, add sour cream until reaching the desired texture. More salt, pepper and butter can also be added to taste at this point.

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