How Do You Make Pink Food Coloring?


To make pink food coloring, start with beets and extract the juice from them. Use a small amount of beet juice as food coloring.

  1. Grate up the beets

    Beets are also known as beetroot. You can use cooked or fresh beets. Grate up the beets in to fine strands. Try not to get the beets on your hands or counter, because the juice makes pink stains.

  2. Press through a sieve

    Press the grated beets into a sieve to extract the juice. Place the sieve over a container to catch the juice. Press the grated beets into the sieve with a spoon or another tool. The juice is a very dark pink color.

  3. Color food with the juice

    Start with a very small amount of beet juice to color your food. Using less beet juice makes the food a lighter shade of pink, while using more beet juice turns the food a darker shade of pink. Beet juice is a natural food coloring that is completely edible. A small amount of it does not alter the flavor of the food.

  4. Clean up

    To clean beet juice from your hands or the counters, rub the stain with lemon juice and salt, then wash with soap and water.