How Do You Make Peanut Clusters Using a Crock Pot?

To make peanut clusters in a crock pot, add chocolate almond bark or chocolate chips and dry roasted peanuts to a crock pot set on low. Stir the peanuts and chocolate together, and cook for about two hours to melt the chocolate. Scoop the mixture onto wax paper to set.

The peanut cluster recipe allows for some flexibility in the types and amounts of ingredients used. If you prefer lots of peanuts with a little chocolate, use the same amount of peanuts as chocolate. If you prefer more chocolate, put twice as much chocolate as peanuts in the mix.

Most slow cooker peanut cluster recipes call for a combination of different types of chocolate, including milk, dark, semi-sweet, German or white chocolate. Peanut butter or butterscotch chips are also an option for additional flavor. Almond bark works well in peanut clusters because the chocolate sets up naturally as it cools. It comes in both regular chocolate and white chocolate.

Use the low setting on the crock pot so the chocolate doesn't burn. Stir the mixture a few times as it melts. The melting process takes two to three hours. Give the mixture one final stir when everything melts to distribute the peanuts evenly.

A small ice cream scoop works well for portioning the chocolate and peanut mixture. Place the scoops on wax paper, making sure they don't touch. Another option is to scoop the mixture into muffin liners in a mini muffin pan for consistent, round clusters.