How Do You Make Pasta From Scratch?

Make pasta from scratch by making a dough out of flour, salt and eggs. Then divide and cut the dough into smaller pieces to prepare it for cooking.

First, combine two cups of flour with half a teaspoon of salt. Then crack three large eggs into the mix, and whisk the eggs with a fork. As you whisk, slowly push the flour into the eggs, and keep whisking until the mixture forms a very soft dough. Make sure to whisk slowly.

Put the dough onto a clean counter, and continuously fold and flatten it until it becomes firmer. When it's firm enough to knead, knead the dough while adding more flour to keep the dough from sticking to the counter or your hands. Put a knife into the dough, and see if there are any air bubbles. If there are, keep kneading until they disappear.

Put the dough into a bowl, and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then, cover a baking sheet with a layer of flour, and put the dough on it. Divide the dough into four portions, and cover each portion with flour. While you're working with a portion, keep the others covered with dishtowels.

Take a portion and roll it thin with a roller. Lift and move the dough constantly so that it doesn't stick, and use lots of flour. Once it's thin, roll the dough, and cut it with a very sharp knife. If available, use a pasta machine to cut the dough.