How Do You Make Parsley Tea?


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Parsley tea is made by pouring hot water onto parsley leaves and steeping before draining and drinking. Parsley tea is very easy to prepare and has some medicinal utility.

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Parsley tea is a natural diuretic and can help with several varieties of bladder problem. Because it requires fresh parsley, it is handy to keep some growing indoors so as not to be limited by the constraints of the growing season.

  1. Prepare fresh parsley leaves.
  2. Buy or pick fresh parsley leaves, home grown being the ideal option, and then either place them unprepared in a cup or cut them into rough pieces to release their juices. The amount needed varies based on how much tea is desired, but the general breakdown is a pint of boiling water for each cup of parsley leaves.

  3. Boil water and steep.
  4. The next step is to boil water for tea in the recommended amount and then to pour it into a cup, mug or kettle along with the parsley leaves. The tea should steep for about 6 minutes, or longer if a stronger tea is desired, and then it should be strained.

  5. Drink or make use of.
  6. Parsley tea is useful not just as a medicinal herbal drink, but as an ingredient in gelatins and other substances. Setting it aside once it's made makes it available for whatever projects or recipes come up next.

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