How Do You Make Panini Sandwiches?

How Do You Make Panini Sandwiches?

A panini is made by layering meats, cheeses, sauce and spices between slices of Italian bread and then pressing and grilling the sandwich until the cheese is melted and the bread is a golden brown color. A panini can be made in a panini grill or in a skillet on a stove. When made on a stove, a second pan, typically made of cast iron, is used to press the sandwich while it is being grilled.

A panini is made using any type of Italian bread. The bread is sliced and a thin layer of olive oil is brushed on the inside of the bread. Add cheese and cooked meat to the bread and any desired sauce or spices. Add the top layer of bread and brush the outside of the panini with melted butter.

Place the panini into the panini maker and cook according to the manufacturer instructions. Typically, this is to close and lock the top of the panini maker and wait for between three and five minutes for the desired browning to occur.

When using a skillet or top grill, heat a second cast iron skillet to use during the grilling process. Place the second skillet or pan on top of the panini as it cooks to press the sandwich.

Vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes are added after grilling is complete.