How Do You Make Pan Dulce?


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Pan dulce is made by combining sugar, flour, yeast, eggs and a few other ingredients, baking them and then covering it with a sweet, sugary topping after baking. Pan dulce is a slightly sweet, traditional Mexican pastry that is often eaten for breakfast with coffee.

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How Do You Make Pan Dulce?
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The trademark sugary topping of pan dulce is colored and carved into a design that expands during cooking, resulting in the unique designs typical of this sweet bread. The most popular colors for the topping are pink and yellow, although the baker can choose any color she wants.

The ingredients for the dough include sugar, vegetable shortening, eggs, salt, water, yeast and flour. The dough is made by mixing the sugar and shortening together to create a creamy mixture. Next, the eggs, salt, water and yeast are added to the concoction followed by mixing the liquids into the flour to create the dough. Afterwards, the dough needs at least an hour to rise in a covered bowl. Once the dough rises, it is divided into 12 portions and rolled into a round shape.

The ingredients for the topping are shortening, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, flour, vanilla extract and food coloring. Once the topping has been mixed and applied to the dough the baker can then carve any design into the pastry. The pastries are baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes, cooled, and then they are ready to enjoy.

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