How Do You Make Your Own Cinnamon Extract?

How Do You Make Your Own Cinnamon Extract?

Create a cinnamon extract by placing cinnamon sticks in a jar with strong alcohol for about a month. The flavor of the cinnamon will saturate the alcohol.

Flavor extracts are excellent for enhancing baked recipes, stews or mixed cocktails. Rather than paying full price for a small bottle from the store, consider mixing up a homemade cinnamon extract for less. For this extract the following tools and ingredients are needed: a clean jar, 3/4 cups of vodka and two or three cinnamon sticks.

  1. Assemble the mixture
  2. Pour the vodka into a clean jar with the cinnamon sticks. Make sure the vodka completely covers the cinnamon sticks. Seal the jar and place in an out of the way, cool spot. The alcohol in the mixture will not go bad.

  3. Let it sit
  4. Let the mixture sit for up to a month while the cinnamon sticks infuse the vodka with flavor. For the first week or so, shake the jar every three days to mix the contents.

  5. Separate out the solids
  6. Use a sieve to separate the solid bits of cinnamon from the vodka after about a month of soaking. A fine sieve may be needed if the cinnamon has broken up into small pieces.