How Do You Make an Orange Juice Mimosa?


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Make an orange juice mimosa by filling a champagne flute about two-thirds full with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Top the orange juice with brut champagne, taking care not to overfill the flute. Serve chilled.

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Orange juice mimosas originated in England in the late 1920s. The cocktail was originally called a Buck's Fizz, as it was crafted at the London Buck's Club by the bartender Pat McGarry. The name "mimosa" came from the Acacia Australian wattle, a flower that resembles the cocktail's color.

Buck's Fizzes are more complicated cocktails. To make a Buck's Fizz, mix 2 ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice with 1/2 teaspoon of grenadine. Pour the mixture into a champagne flute, and top it with brut champagne.

Another variation on the traditional orange juice mimosa calls for 1 teaspoon of Grand Marnier and a dash of orange bitters to add complexity. Mix the Grand Marnier, bitters and orange juice in a mixer over ice. Strain the liquid into a champagne flute, and top it with brut champagne.

High-quality ingredients, such as fresh squeezed orange juice and real champagne, make for better mimosas than concentrated juice and sparkling wine, advises Apartment Therapy. Use ice-cold ingredients, as warm orange juice separates.

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