How Do You Make a Mini Still?


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A homemade mini still used to produce moonshine can be assembled with inexpensive household products including a large pot, a round-bottomed mixing bowl, an 8-ounce glass, a magnet and a 5-pound weight. Half a gallon of wine and several ice cubes are also needed.

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To make a mini still, place a metal pot on a stove with an 8-ounce drinking glass inside. Add a magnet to the bottom of the glass to keep it from sliding around. Add the wine to the pot and heat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Seal the pot by placing a glass mixing bowl on top with the bottom facing down. Add the 5-pound weight inside the bowl to keep it in place, as well as ice cubes to keep the bowl cold.

As the wine boils below, condensation collects on the bowl and drips into the drinking glass. This condensation is alcohol, and its proof can be tested with a device called a hydrometer.

If you plan to make a still at home, be sure that you are familiar with your local, state and federal laws, as the production and distribution of homemade alcohol is illegal in some parts of the world. Moonshine is often illegal because it is impossible for the government to ensure health and safety standards and to impose taxes on home production.

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