How Do You Make Marzipan?

How Do You Make Marzipan?

To make marzipan, beat almond paste in a mixer, incorporate the required quantity of sugar, and then combine corn syrup or liquid glucose. Bring the mixture to a stiff dough consistency, add some food coloring and flavors, wrap the marzipan tightly, and store in a refrigerator.

Use approximately 8 ounces of almond paste to make 1 cup of marzipan. Alternatively, use kernel paste, prepared from the kernels of apricot to make the marzipan.

Begin making marzipan by unwrapping the almond or kernel paste, and dropping it into an electric mixer's bowl. Beat the paste to separate it. To this, add approximately 1 3/4 cup of confectioner's sugar in two parts, and beat it till it blends in well. The mixture should appear crumbly. Now, add 4 tablespoons of liquid glucose or corn syrup and mix well. The mixture should still have a crumbly texture.

Alternatively, add the syrup first, and then spoon in the sugar to make a crumbly product. To bring it to the consistency of a stiff dough, knead with your hands on a clean surface. If the dough feels sticky, add more confectioner's sugar till the required consistency is attained.

If desired, add a few drops of food color and flavor such as vanilla or almond extract, and knead it in to the marzipan. Shape it as required, or store it for a few months in a refrigerator or for a year in the freezer .