How Do You Make Jiffy Cornbread Salad?


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To make Jiffy cornbread salad, Jiffy recommends preparing one package of its corn muffin mix, cooling and crumbling the cornbread, and folding it into a salad. Jiffy's cornbread salad includes onion, bell pepper, tomato, kidney beans and shredded cheddar cheese. These ingredients tend to recur in cornbread salad recipes.

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Jiffy's recipe also includes lettuce, shredded carrots, bacon, peas and mayonnaise, which serves as a dressing. Any variation of legumes, veggies, crumbled cornbread and dressing makes for a Jiffy cornbread salad. It's the Jiffy brand of cornbread mix that lends this recipe its name. Dress and toss the vegetables and legumes before carefully folding in the crumbled cornbread. Chill the salad before serving it so that the flavors of the ingredients blend and deepen.

Combine sour cream with mayonnaise to give the salad some tang, or try some ranch dressing instead. Mixing powdered ranch dressing with mayonnaise is another option. Niblet corn augments the flavor of the cornbread and adds sweetness to balance the tang of sour cream or ranch dressing.

Jiffy suggests using a large bowl to mix and present the cornbread salad. Jiffy does not include any herbs in its recipe for Jiffy cornbread salad, but feel free to garnish the salad with fresh parsley, if desired, just before serving, or garnish with slivers of onion or bell pepper.

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