How Do You Make a Healthy Green Smoothie?

Make a green smoothie by combining a mixture of frozen and fresh fruits, vegetables, water, a flavor enhancer, and sometimes almond or soy milk instead of water. The key to a great-tasting smoothie is balancing the bitterness of the vegetables with the sweetness of the fruit.

For a 32-ounce yield, a simple recipe consists of 2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of the liquid base and 3 cups of fruit. The 2 cups of vegetables should be tightly packed in order to get a sufficient amount of nutrients. Blend together the vegetables and the 2 cups of liquid base for 30 seconds before adding the fruit and blending again for another 30 seconds. One of the 3 cups of fruit should be frozen. The frozen fruit chills the drink slightly and relieve some of the bitter taste from the vegetables. Add cinnamon, honey or vanilla extract to taste.

A common vegetable used in green smoothies for beginners is spinach because of its mild taste. Common fruits are bananas, strawberries and blueberries. Many smoothie drinkers use frozen blueberries and other frozen small fruits because they are typically easier to blend smoothly. Larger fruits, when frozen, can lead to large chunks in the smoothie.