How Do You Make a Green Tea Latte?


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To make a green tea latte, simmer cow's milk, soy milk, almond milk or rice milk until heated through. Whisk green tea powder, also called matcha powder, into boiling water, and stir until dissolved. Add the milk to the tea mixture and sweeten, if desired. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

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  1. Simmer the milk

    Simmer 1 cup of cow's milk, almond milk, soy milk or rice milk over medium-high heat in a small pot on top of the stove until it is just heated through. Remove it from the heat.

  2. Dissolve matcha powder into boiling water

    Heat ½ cup of boiling water in the microwave or in a small pot on top of the stove. Add 1 tablespoon of matcha powder to the boiling water. Stir until it dissolves. Remove it from the heat.

  3. Pour the dissolved matcha powder into the milk

    Pour the green tea powder mixture into the milk. Stir until the mixture is well-incorporated and frothy.

  4. Add sweetener, if desired

    Add up to 2 tablespoons of white sugar, raw sugar, coconut sugar, date sugar, brown sugar, agave nectar, honey, maple syrup or stevia to the green tea latte, if desired.

  5. Add ice, if desired

    Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of crushed ice or ice cubes to the mixture to create an iced green tea latte beverage.

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