How Do They Make a Grapple Fruit?


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Grapple fruit is made by soaking either Gala or Fuji apples with water and natural and artificial concord grape flavor. A grapple is not a grape-apple hybrid. No calories or sugars are added to the apple during the infusion process.

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The Grapple company is based out of Wenatchee, WA. The family who owns the company has been in the apple business for nearly a century. The grapple received patent number 7,824,723 in 2010. They can be found throughout the country and ordered online through Barrett Orchards.

Reviews for the Grapple have been mixed. Some people say they have an overpowering, fake grape smell and flavor, while others say they taste like apples with a bit more flavor.

There has been some controversy over the addition of the artificial flavors. Nutrition enthusiasts propose that apples are fine on their own and don't need added artificial flavors to get children to eat them. Some parents say that grapples contain the same nutritional value as their unflavored counter parts, so if the added flavoring encourages children to eat more fruit, then that's all that matters.

Ultimately, it's up to the consumers to decide whether they feel concerned or not over the addition of artificial flavoring to the apples they eat.

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