How do you make fruit salad?


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Make a fruit salad by boiling sugar, water, ginger, lemon zest, orange zest, vanilla seeds and vanilla pod in a saucepan to form a syrup. Pour this mixture over oranges, mangoes, bananas, kiwis, kumquats and pomegranate seeds, and chill overnight.

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  1. Gather the ingredients

    Collect 1/2 cup of sugar, one 1-inch piece of ginger, one vanilla bean, one lemon, five large navel or blood oranges, two mangoes, two bananas, five kiwis, 12 kumquats and one pomegranate.

  2. Prepare the syrup

    Take a vegetable peeler, and strip away the zest from the lemon and one orange. Cut the ginger into slim slices and scoop the seeds from the vanilla bean. Place these ingredients, along with the sugar and 2 cups of water, in a saucepan. Cook on a medium-high heat, then lower the heat when the mixture comes to a boil. Let simmer for five minutes, and chill the syrup in a refrigerator.

  3. Mix the fruit

    Remove the peels from the other four oranges. Take one orange at a time, and slice through the membrane. Place the orange slices in a bowl and press the empty membranes to allow the orange juice to flow. Peel and dice the bananas, kiwis and kumquats, and mix the fruit with the oranges. Measure out one cup of seeds from the pomegranate, and add them to the bowl. Stir the fruit and then drizzle with the syrup. Place the bowl in a refrigerator overnight.

  4. Serve the finished fruit salad

    Discard the lemon and orange zest, the ginger and the vanilla pod. Ladle the combined fruit and syrup into bowls, and serve.

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