How Do You Make Fondant Flowers?

How Do You Make Fondant Flowers?

Fondant can be used to make flowers in many shapes, and this technique involves using a small cookie cutter to achieve perfect petals. This technique requires cornstarch, fondant, a fondant roller, a cookie cutter, a ball tool, a piece of craft foam, royal icing, an icing bag and a decorator tip.

  1. Roll out the fondant

    Dust a cutting board with cornstarch. Use the fondant roller to spread out the fondant until it is uniformly 1/8-inch thick.

  2. Cut the flowers

    Use the small cookie cutter to cut flowers from the fondant sheet. Cut the shapes close to one another to maximize the fondant. Separate the flowers from the fondant sheet, and place them on the piece of craft foam. For food safety reasons, the foam should be a piece that is used only for this process.

  3. Round the flower edges

    Place the ball tool in the center of the flower. Without lifting the tool, rotate the ball all the way around the center of the flower. The tool presses into the center and causes the petals to curl up for a more realistic appearance.

  4. Decorate the flower center

    Add royal icing to an icing bag that is fitted with a round or fluted tip. Place one dot of icing in the middle as the flower's center.