How Do You Make Flour Babies?

Cover a flour sack with pantyhose, create arms and legs from a second pair of pantyhose to sew onto the flour sack and dress it in baby clothes. This 30-minute project requires two pairs of pantyhose, scissors, fiber stuffing, a 10-pound sack of flour, baby clothes, a needle, thread and yarn.

  1. Make the head

    Cut the legs off of a pair of pantyhose. Place a handful of stuffing in one leg, and push it out to the toe. Tie a piece of yarn below the stuffing.

  2. Attach the head

    Stretch the leg over the sack of flour, and pull it down until the head rests against the sack. Tie the pantyhose with a piece of yarn. Open the other leg of pantyhose, and pull it over the flour baby, starting at the head. Tie it off with yarn, and trim the excess pantyhose material.

  3. Make the arms and legs

    Cut the legs off of the second pair of pantyhose. Stuff them with small amounts of fiber stuffing, and sew them to the flour baby. If you have leftover pantyhose material, snip it off with scissors.

  4. Dress the flour baby

    Dress the doll in your choice of baby clothes to finish the flour baby.