How Do You Make an Efficient Grocery List?


An efficient grocery list requires planning meals ahead of time and organization. Easy Living has several ideas for efficient grocery lists, plus ideas on how to save time at the store.

Plan your meals for the week first. Then create a master list that includes frequently bought items such as bread and milk so you're not wasting time writing those down for each shopping trip. Organize the products you need according to where they are located in the store. For instance, list the lettuce and tomatoes you need for taco night under the "produce" heading. If you shop at multiple stores, you may want to keep a master list for each store. You can easily create these on your computer and print them out as needed or write them by hand.

Several e-grocery lists are also available, such as ZipList and Cozi. You can find links to several printable grocery lists and links to e-grocery lists on Easy Living