How do you make easy spinach dip?


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An easy basic spinach dip recipe is to mix together precooked spinach, sour cream and powdered onion soup mix. Mayonnaise and salt can also be added for a fuller flavor.

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How do you make easy spinach dip?
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Alternatively, use a mixture of cheeses instead of sour cream. Softened cream cheese, grated Parmesan cheese and a shredded white cheese, such as mozzarella or pepper jack, mixed with the spinach, mayonnaise and other ingredients creates a cheesy spinach dip. The cheese mixture can be more easily blended by putting it in the microwave briefly for more pliable ingredients.

For additional nutrients and flavor, add in artichoke hearts to the mixture. Use either canned artichokes that are precooked by draining them before adding, or briefly cook them to soften the leaves to better match the consistency of the dip. Hot sauce or red pepper flakes can be added for a touch of heat in the recipe.

The recipe can be kept in the refrigerator and served chilled or heated in a microwave when time is short. It can even be baked in a dish for up to 25 minutes when the sour cream is replaced with cheese for a hot, thoroughly mixed dip. The dip can be served with chips, crackers or hard-crusted bread.

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