How Do You Make Easy Rice Pudding?


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Rachael Ray's simple rice pudding recipe consists of simmering 3 cups of milk with cooked white rice, raisins, sugar, cinnamon and salt. The total prep time is five minutes, with an additional 25 minutes of cooking. It can be served warm or chilled in the refrigerator.

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How Do You Make Easy Rice Pudding?
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Variations can easily be added to a basic rice pudding recipe. Vanilla seeds add flavor and visual interest, though they cause the pudding to stiffen slightly. Extra milk can be added to the recipe to compensate. Rice pudding can be baked instead of simmered for a firmer variant. Cardamom and other spices can change the flavor profile significantly.

While less common than white rice and milk, Pulut Hitam is a popular Malaysian and Indonesian dish made from purple rice and coconut milk that is eaten both as a breakfast and a dessert. Purple rice, also known as black glutinous rice or black sticky rice, lends the pudding a chewy texture and additional toasted flavor. The rice is simmered in water and sugar until the kernels become soft and easy to chew, and the sugars transform into a sweet syrup. The pudding is served in a bowl with slightly salted coconut milk poured over. The salt highlights the sweetness of the dish.

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