How Do You Make Easy Chicken Corn Soup?


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For easy chicken corn soup, gather 3 strips bacon, 1 medium onion, a 15-ounce can chicken broth, 3 cups milk and 3 cups corn kernels. Also acquire 2 sprigs thyme, 2 1/2 cups chicken and 3 tablespoons flour. Build roux, and then add remaining ingredients, simmering for about 15 minutes.

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How Do You Make Easy Chicken Corn Soup?
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First, bring soup pot to medium heat, and add bacon strips, allowing them to brown and render out their fat. Next, add diced onions and soften before finally adding the flour. Stir resulting roux consistently for about one minute until it has turned golden or blond in color, then add the chicken stock in small, slow intervals, stirring continually to avoid clumping. Whisk in milk and add corn, herbs, salt and pepper.

Bring the entire soup to a simmer, stirring on occasion to help integrate flavors. For enhanced corn flavor, use corn right off the cob in your soup, while also adding the bare cobs themselves to the simmering broth. Once you have simmered the soup for about 15 minutes, take a slotted spoon and remove the thyme sprigs, as well as the corn cobs if you have added them. Remove the soup from the heat, and ladle it into bowls. This recipe serves approximately four people.

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