How Do You Make Distilled Water at Home?

How Do You Make Distilled Water at Home?

Make distilled water at home by heating water in a large pot and collecting the condensed steam in a smaller bowl. The water that drips into the smaller bowl is distilled, having left any impurities behind in the large pot.

Partially fill a 5-gallon cooking pot with water, and set it on the stovetop. The pot should be one-third filled to allow enough room for the steam to circulate.

Place the collection bowl in the pot. It may float on the water, but can also be raised above the water level. The bowl may fit snugly but there should be space around the edge for the steam to rise.

Place the cooking pot's lid upside down on the pot. This directs the condensed steam down towards the collection bowl.

Turn on the heat. The water needs to be hot enough to start turning into steam.

Place ice cubes inside the pot's upturned lid. This makes the steam condense faster.

Once the collection bowl is full, turn off the heat, and remove the bowl from the pot. Pour the distilled water into a clean container for storage.

If you are planning to make a large amount of distilled water, home distillation kits are also available for purchase.

Distilled water is useful for cooking dry beans and canning vegetables, due to the lack of minerals. However, it should not be used with aluminium pots as it can draw mineral deposits out from the cookware.