How Do You Make Decorative Fruit Platters?


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Make a decorative fruit platter by first cutting the fruit into pieces of a similar size and shape, and then arrange the fruit by color into interesting shapes and patterns, such as heart, flowers, stripes and circles. Avoid using apples, bananas and other fruits that turn brown when exposed to the air.

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Start making a fruit platter by preparing the fruit. Remove stems and cores, and skin if necessary. Cut the fruit into slices or chunks that are easy to handle and not larger than two or three bites each. Leave grapes and small berries, such as raspberries or blueberries, whole.

Choose a design that works well with your platter size and the colors of your fruits. For example, form a heart-shaped arrangement of strawberries in the middle with alternating stripes of different types of melon around the edges of a round platter or diagonal stripes of pineapple, mango and kiwi on a rectangular serving plate.

Add interest to the platter by adding fruits with contrasting colors and interesting shapes, such as star-shaped carambola and deep purple blackberries. Add height with a bunch of grapes or a larger fruit cut into an interesting shape for a garnish. A little citrus juice sprinkled over the top of the platter keeps the fruit fresher longer.

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