How Do You Make Cucumber Party Sandwiches?


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For traditional cucumber party sandwiches, spread softened cream cheese seasoned with Italian dressing mix on snack rye bread slices. Some recipes include a small amount of mayonnaise in the cream cheese mixture. Top with thinly-sliced cucumber and seasonings, such as salt, pepper, garlic or dill.

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The open-faced rye sandwich is a popular finger food option at parties. It is a light, refreshing sandwich used for teas, brunches or showers. The sandwiches are served on a platter without the top pieces of bread.

Party hosts have the option of changing the type of bread used and turning the open-faced cucumber sandwich into a sandwich with both a top and bottom piece of bread. When using traditional white or wheat bread, use cream cheese that is very soft to make spreading easier. Spread the cream cheese on both pieces of bread, and layer the cucumber slices inside. These sandwiches are often cut into triangles or circles with the crusts removed.

The seasoning options are flexible in the cucumber sandwich. Dried herbs sprinkled on the cucumber or mixed in with the cream cheese offer one seasoning option. Another way to flavor the sandwiches and improve the presentation is to top the cucumbers with fresh herbs, such as dill or finely-chopped chives.

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