How Do You Make Cucumber Juice?


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To make cucumber juice, blend cooked or uncooked cucumbers into a purée, and use pressure to strain out the liquid. Some people may choose to sweeten or flavor their cucumber juice using additional ingredients, but this step is not necessary for the juice itself.

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As recommended by a Food Network recipe, cucumbers can be grated and cooked in a saucepan with water and sugar to soften and flavor the vegetable, then blended with a food processor or mixer until smooth. Put this mixture on a piece of cheesecloth or in a coffee filter, placed inside a strainer, using a glass or bowl to catch the juice. The combination of these items makes sure that the juice is strained as well as possible. Using a spoon, fingers or similar tool, push the mixture into the strainer repeatedly until no more juice drips out.

Once the juice is separated from the pulp, it can be chilled until consumed, or refrigerated for up to a week. Many recipes recommend adding something else to the cucumber juice for additional flavor, like sugar, salt, ginger or mint.

Drinking cucumber juice is one way to reach a recommended daily intake of vegetables. Cucumbers are good sources of health promoting nutrients, such as vitamin K, copper and calcium.

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