How Do You Make Corn Whiskey?


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To make corn mash whisky, prepare the necessary equipment: a large pot for the mashing process, a wort chiller for cooling, a thermometer for testing, a plastic funnel, a plastic bucket for aeration and cheesecloth. With the materials ready, gather the ingredients: 8.5 pounds of crushed corn, 1.5 pounds of crushed malted barley, five gallons of water and one package of yeast.

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Begin by heating the water to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and turn off the heat as soon as you reach the temperature. Pour the crushed corn in the water, stir for five whole minutes and then stir once every ten seconds for five minutes. As it stirs, the corn gets a gel-like consistency. Add the malted barely after the temperature drops to 152 degrees. Stir for two minutes, and then let sit for 90 minutes.

As the mash rests, rehydrate the yeast with water by adding two packages of the yeast to half a cup of 110 degrees Fahrenheit water with one teaspoon of sugar. Once the mash is cool enough, pour the mash through a cheesecloth to get the liquids away from the solids. Scoop up some solids with the cheesecloth, and squeeze them to wring more liquids for the final product.

Aerate the mash by pouring it 15 times between two sanitized buckets, and then take a gravity reading to determine the final alcohol content. Once done, add all of the yeast to the mash, and transfer for fermentation.

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