How Do You Make Corn Casserole?


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Make corn casserole by combining ingredients including corn kernels, butter, flour, milk and cheese and baking the mixture until golden brown. Formal recipes for corn casserole are available on FoodNetwork.com, BHG.com and Saveur.com.

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How Do You Make Corn Casserole?
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To make corn casserole according to the recipe on FoodNetwork.com, bake a combination of canned corn kernels, canned creamed corn, corn muffin mix, sour cream and melted butter in a casserole dish. When the crust turns golden, sprinkle Cheddar cheese on top and resume baking just long enough to melt the cheese.

The creamed corn casserole recipe on BHG.com involves cooking chopped sweet peppers and chopped onions with butter in a large saucepan, then adding frozen corn kernels and black pepper. Combine condensed cream of celery soup, savory cream cheese spread and milk, then incorporate the mixture with the other ingredients in the saucepan. Pour everything into a casserole dish and bake until the casserole is thoroughly hot.

Follow the restaurant-style cheesy corn casserole recipe on Saveur.com by cooking chopped bacon, chopped garlic and butter in a saucepan. Stir in flour, milk, cubed cream cheese, cubed processed cheese and grated Cheddar cheese, then season with paprika. When the mixture is smooth, incorporate corn kernels, salt and pepper. Scrape the concoction into a baking dish and bake until golden and bubbly.

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