How Do You Make Chocolate Covered Cake Balls?

To make chocolate cake bites, prepare a cake of any flavor according to the directions on the box, and crumble the baked cake until no large pieces remain. Combine 3/4 tub of pre-made icing with the crumbled cake, and roll into 1 1/2 inch balls. Place cake bites on a lined baking sheet, and harden in a freezer for 15 minutes. Melt 20 oz chocolate-flavored candy coating, and roll chilled cake bites until coated. Garnish as desired.

To garnish, roll the cake bite with the still-soft candy coating shell in sprinkles, shaved coconut, nuts or other toppings, or let the shell harden, and then drizzle with different flavors and colors of chocolate. You can turn a chocolate-covered cake bite into a cake pop by inserting a paper lollipop stick into the ball.

Real chocolate can be substituted for chocolate-flavored candy coating. The primary difference between the two ingredients is that chocolate uses cocoa butter as its oil base, while the candy coating uses a palm oil. For best results, real chocolate must be heated, or tempered, to a temperature of 86-89 degrees Fahrenheit before you can use it for coating or molding. You can find chocolate-covered candy coating at the grocery store or your local craft store in the baking section.