How Do You Make Cherry Juice?


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You can make cherry juice by allowing pitless cherries and sugar to sit in a covered saucepan for two hours, adding water, boiling the mixture and straining and squeezing the juices out of the cherries. Simmer the remaining liquid until it reaches a thick, maple-syrup like consistency.

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How Do You Make Cherry Juice?
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The end result of this cherry juice recipe is a highly concentrated liquid. To consume this cherry juice mix one or two spoonfuls with a glass of water or club soda. Store the juice n a resealable container in the refrigerator, and it lasts about two weeks.

For a quicker recipe, place the cherries and sugar in a blender and blend until smooth. Add water and blend, continuing to add water until the juice reaches the desired consistency. Use a strainer to filter the cherry chunks out of the juice. Add more water as necessary.

A third way to produce cherry juice is to use a steam juicer. This method does not require removal of the pits ahead of time. This contraption boils water in the bottom while the cherries sit in a perforated container above another bowl. The water produces steam that causes the cherries to leak juice into the lower bowl. The leaked juice exits the lower bowl through a tube and flows straight into a glass for immediate drinking.

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