How Do You Make Canned Chicken?

How Do You Make Canned Chicken?

To make canned chicken, you need a pressure canner, canning utensils such as tongs, a funnel, seven quart jars with rings and new seals. Plan for 15 pounds of raw chicken and about a teaspoon of salt per jar, adding liquid as necessary. Canning takes about 90 minutes over high heat.

Wash your canning jars in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. Allow the jars to air dry or leave them in the dishwasher until you’re ready to use them. To prepare the raw chicken, either cut it into pieces or debone it.

Fill the pressure canner with about an inch and a half of water. Put a rack in the bottom to hold the jars. Fill the canning jars with about two pounds of chicken, adding a teaspoon of salt to each and liquid if necessary, filling the jar only to the bottom of the neck. Wash your hands, and wipe the necks of the jars with vinegar.

Place the sealing lids on the jars, voiding as much air as possible before screwing down the lid rings. Carefully place the lidded jars on the rack in the canner, screwing down the lid two screws at a time for a tight seal. When steam releases out of the canner’s vent pipe, wait seven minutes to allow any air to escape the jars.

Put the pressure gauge on the canner, and set it for ten pounds per square inch (at sea level). Once it reads ten PSI, process the jars for 90 minutes, adjusting the heat to maintain constant pressure.

Let the pressure gauge reading drop to zero before slowly opening the canner. Set the hot jars on a towel or in the sink to cool. Wipe them down, and check the seals before storing.