How Do You Make a Cake Using Cupcakes?


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To make a cake using cupcakes, arrange the cupcakes onto a firm base and frost them with cake icing. Use different cupcake decorations to come up with shapes such as a ball, a butterfly or a caterpillar.

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To make a cupcake cake, you need at least 15 homemade cupcakes, cake icing, a spatula, and a pastry bag. You also require a cardboard and aluminum foil to provide a base for the cake, but you don't have to have an icing tip.

Map out the layout of the cake on the cardboard base using paper circles, and then place the cupcakes close to each other. Lift one cupcake at a time and spread a little icing on its paper liner bottoms to stick it to the base. Arrange the cupcakes into the desired shape before frosting them. Fill the pastry bag halfway with the icing taking care not to spill it to the outer bag surfaces. Ice the cake in stripes, refilling the pastry bag until the entire cake is covered.

Run the spatula over the top of the icing to smoothe it. Add more icing to thin areas to achieve an even fill. Get rid of any extra icing spilling over the sides of the cake, and leave it to solidify.

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