How Do You Make a Cake Pop Stand?


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Putting together a cake pop stand can be as simple as using a small vase to display the pops or drilling holes through acrylic for a fancy wedding pops display. The most common cake pop stands are made of Styrofoam blocks and covered with tissue paper.

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How Do You Make a Cake Pop Stand?
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  1. Gather your supplies

    You will need Styrofoam blocks, tissue paper of the color of your choice, clear tape to secure the tissue paper and Mod Podge, all of which are available at any craft store You can also use embellishments, such as ribbons, if you'd like to decorate the stand further.

  2. Cover the Styrofoam block

    Wrap the tissue paper around the Styrofoam block, and make sure the folds or overlap are on the bottom side of display stand. If your tissue paper is very thin, use a second layer of the same paper or a complementary color or pattern. Use the tape to secure the ends of the tissue paper.

  3. Decide on the placement of the cake pops

    With a pencil lightly mark where you want the pops to be displayed. Would you like them asymmetrical or in straight lines? Would you like them along diagonal lines? Once you've marked the spots, insert the lollipop sticks without the cake pop into your display. At this point you can also add the ribbons, stickers or other embellishments to your display stand.

  4. Use the Mod Podge to cover up any tears

    If the tissue paper rips when you insert the cake pop, lightly apply the Mod Podge to seal the paper back onto the Styrofoam. Insert your cake pops into the holes that you've made, making sure not to insert the sticks too deep as otherwise the display will be too low.

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